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3/10/02 -- The Blasters
Mystic Theatre Show
Petaluma, CA

list.' It takes those songs to get me going. I'm not gonna fake it. That's why it's dangerous, because if I feel it, there's no stopping me whether I die or not on stage."
Dave: "I would have liked to have played a couple more looser songs in the encore. At the House of Blues show, while we were back stage, I told the guys I would give them each a $100 bucks if they would play HONEY DON'T. They all said, "I'll Do It. I'll Do It!!" But Phil said, "I can't, I can't do it." I guess he couldn't remember the words. "I even came out and played the opening riff but there wasn't a nibble."

Favorite show? -- Gene: "I think the first show in a lot of ways was the best show. I think we played more conservatively but it might have been the strongest performance from beginning to end. Everybody was concentrating on playing their parts right and the show had natural excitement.
But as the tour went on, the shows got wilder because everybody got more confident and guys started taking more liberties. That's the way the band is. I thought all five shows were good as a whole. I think if you took any 5 Blasters shows in sequence in a tour from the history of the band, I think these 5 would stand up to any five from the hey day of the band."
John: "My favorite was Slim's."  Bill: "San Diego might have been my favorite. It was Phil's birthday;  He showed up all dressed up ready to go. It seemed like a concert."

Final Thoughts -- Dave says: "With the exception of Lee not being there, that's as good as the Blasters get in those shows.  I enjoyed it all. My main memories will be One: How good the band sounded. My feeling was that if we sounded that good back then, we would have been riding around in limousines. Then two: I was blown away by the 'love-thing' coming from the audience. That kind of took me by surprise." So, Dave could feel the fans giving something back? He replied,  "Oh, hell yes!"
John: "It was great. It brought back memories. It was very much like the old days. The guys I grew up with. That was my baptism as a bass player in the Blasters. It seems like a lifetime ago that we all played together and made those records. But it wasn't that many years ago. It was a joy and I never thought it would happen again." Bill: "Some people said we were as tight as we ever were."
Dave: "My only complaint is that in rehearsal, we did a lot of odd things that I expected we would do in the encores."

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