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3/9/02 -- The Blasters
Slim's Sound Check
San Francisco CA

Dave sings ROCK  BOPPIN' BABY.

The Blasters sound checking.

brain dead when you're on the road. So we just thought 'Socker' was the greatest thing on earth (laughs). We would go through the tollbooths and Socker would do the talking for us. It even got to the point where we were so mentally deranged, we would let Sock do the sound checks. We would look out from the stage and Babo would be crouched underneath the soundboard and all you would see is the sock. At some point he got a little sombrero and he became 'Seņor Socko.' He used to get girls (laughs)."
Dave: "The only guy missing from the old gang was our road manager Wally Hanley. We first met him when we were opening for a band called 20/20 at the Whiskey in 1980. He was roadie-ing for them then came to us. When I left the Blasters, he came with me and then to X. Wally went on to manage John Hiatt and Los Lobos for ten years. He works for Habitat for Humanities now. He was the main guy missing."


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