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3/6/02 - The Blasters
Galaxy Theater Show
Santa Ana CA

with his recently opened soda can. Of course the soda spilled all over him and started foaming out all over the place. Phil just put that sly grin on his face and looked at Dave. Dave again threw his pick in the air and caught it. Phil yelled "Tails." And then they all hit the final chord. Dave just smiled and waved to the audience as they walked off the stage.
They came back from MARIE MARIE and Dave whispered to Phil, "Plug the record." So Phil announced in the mic, "We got a record coming out that has all the songs we recorded at Warner Bros and MCA, it's called 'The Blasters.' Buy it, record it for a friend." As they finished Phil said all the band members names and said "I'll see you on the freeway." It was another legendary Blasters show.
The Blasters always prove they are so fan friendly. Barry from Santa Ana reported this: "Afterwards I went down to the stage where the roadies were wrapping up the cords and stuff, with my CD and Sharpie in hand. John Bazz jumped down to greet some of his friends but I didn't feel like buggin' him. Then I saw Gene Taylor packing up his keyboard and I complimented him on a great show and asked him to sign the CD, which he did. John was still on the floor, so I asked him for his autograph. When he saw the new CD with Gene's signature on it, he asked if I wanted all the guys to sign it. 'Absolutely' I said. We talked about it for a minute, then he took it backstage. In about three minutes he came back and handed it to me. He got Phil, Dave, and Bill to sign it.  E-Bay here I come -- NOT. What a great time. Thanks again." John remembers that and says, "Yeah that was the least I could do. It was like a one time thing. Who knew if you'd ever see us all together again." Next stop: Home turf, Los Angeles.

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