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In This Issue: The Original Blasters film for a DVD release, John Bazz reports on his trip to Iraq with the Bruce Willis band, and some of the Blasters remember the great Johnny Cash.


Bruce Willis and the Accelerators:
'Touch of Home' Tour

Bruce Willis & The Accelerators play for the Troops in Iraq   --By John Bazz






'The Blasters Going Home' DVD

DVD Song List: marie marie / real rock drive / red rose / trouble bound / don't lie to me (gene vcl) / help you dream (w/ Calvanes) / have mercy baby  (w/ Calvanes) / no other girl / border radio / I'm shakin' / so long baby goodbye / red headed woman (w/ Sonny Burgess) / sadie's back in town  (w/ Sonny Burgess) / wandering eye (w/ Billy Boy Arnold) / ain't got you (w/ Billy Boy Arnold) / american music / one bad stud (W/ Calvanes)
CD Song List: marie marie / real rock drive / border radio / crazy baby / help you dream / have mercy baby / no other girl / don't lie to me / so long baby goodbye / red headed woman / wandering eye / american music / one bad stud / rehearsal jam:  J.B. lenoir medley (voodoo music / mama, talk to your daughter / rehearsal jam (all your love) / big joe turner medley (flip, flop and fly) with Sonny, Billy Boy, and the Calvanes.

Dave Alvin: Mark Linett and I tried to not repeat too many songs that appeared on the Trouble Bound CD but some ( marie / stud / american / etc) were mandatory. We also tried to work in some of the songs people complained about not being on the Trouble Bound CD ( border / no other girl). My favorites, though, are (don't lie to me / red headed woman / have mercy baby / wandering eye), the two rehearsal jams and the Big Joe Medley. I'm glad we caught all this on tape because the band never sounded better. I'm pretty proud of this. I really liked the Magic Sam song (all your love) and the Surf Medley from rehearsal. What was cool about Sonny Burgess is, he doesn't like to do his songs like he did in the old days. He lives in the moment and what ever happens at that moment is the way it's supposed to go. That's what I love about his style.
Gaffney said one of his favorite moments was to be backstage and watch Sonny who had plopped himself in a chair in front of the monitor to watch us play. When I was flying in the air during CRAZY BABY, you know because jumping was always Sonny's trademark in the old days; he was like a proud father watching his son. Chris thought it was the sweetest thing.
We did the Big Joe Turner Medley twice when the lights went out. In the final mix for the CD, we used parts of both. What amazed me was that you would think there would be a tempo difference between the two - but no, the whole band was right on tempo both times. 




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Photos By Kurt Mahoney